Cities and Towns Around Backwell

1886853_e93c6985If the countryside becomes boring or tiresome on your visit to Backwell, there are several fantastic towns and cities all just a stone’s throw away, offering a variety of things to do and see:


This historically rich, cultural city is famed for being the starting point of many historic voyages. Indeed, from the harbor you can see lovingly restored and maintained iconic ships such as Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Nowadays there’s a thriving art and culture scene, with a number of theatres big and small, Banksy’s street art and a buzzing underground music scene.


The city of Bath is famed, not surprisingly, for it’s ancient Roman Baths. For many years this spa town was a high profile destination and attracted the wealthy and poor alike. The hot springs are still a huge attraction to this day, with a great number of people enjoying the soothing, healing properties of the natural spring water. There are a number of beautiful parks throughout the city, and quaint cobblestone streets, leading to large market squares. Culture vultures can enjoy several theaters and art galleries, as well as intriguing architecture.

Weston Super Mare

Situated on the coast just south of Bristol, this charming seaside town has been attracting crowds for years. With a long sandy beach it’s a great place for sun worshipers in the summer. Further along the coast you’ll reach the famous mud flats, interesting to gaze upon but dangerous to walk on. The town boasts several museums, theaters and galleries and has a great live music scene.


Glastonbury is a town swamped in myth and legend, though the history that is known is also rather interesting. It’s a must visit for history buffs and new age wanderers alike. There are a number of ancient churches to view, tors to climb and other attractions. It’s the land of King Arthur and this essence has been captured in the many museums in and around the town.